SO this all happened in a bit of a blaze. In essence, while preparing for an evensong yesterday at St Peter’s Church, Siena (one of the sister churches to St Mark’s in Florence), I discovered several members of the choir weren’t able to come. This in essence resulted in a choir of me, the organist and one other soprano joining us – not enough to get through most of the repertoire I had chosen. (And it’s a shame, because Gibbons’ Short Service is a real banger.)

ANYWAY, long story short, on the bus to Siena I ended up writing a Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis, from henceforth christened the Little St Peter’s Service. The Magnificat was sung as part of the evensong (the organist’s Nunc Dimittis, written in the same situation, was used alongside).

‘Twas all very exciting, I must say.